Edoardo Ottavianelli

Cybersecurity Student at Sapienza University. Passionate about Computing, Nature and cooking.

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About Statistics


As it's written in the About me section, I'm attending a Cybersecurity Master Degree. In this degree one of the mandatory courses is Statistics. The course concerned about...

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Freedom, rights and duties of humans and robots


Nowadays the society lives in strict conjunction with robots, in every moment of the day; it is impossible to go back and it would be unthinkable to do without it...

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Scilla - Information Gathering tool 🏴‍☠️


What is Scilla? She is a legendary monster who lives on one side of a narrow channel of water, opposite her counterpart Charybdis...

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Design e sviluppo del sistema di End User Development in SeismoCloud

23/10/2020 🎓

L'oggetto dello studio della tesi è la progettazione e la creazione di un sistema di End User Development per SeismoCloud...

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Simplify Node-RED for End User Development in SeismoCloud


Networks of IoT often require configuration and definition of behavior by the final user...

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L'impatto del GDPR sull'Architettura Software


Durante i due anni del periodo di grazia dopo che il General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) fu pubblicato...

Ci tengo a sottolineare che non sono io l'autore di questo paper, io l'ho solamente tradotto dall'inglese all'italiano.

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How Information Technology can help fight climate change?


What is Climate Change? We often hear about this word, especially in the latest year...

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